Sports Activities at SKVPGM Campus

Sports play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality and maintaining good health. We’ve specially developed a sports environment that matches international standards and gives a truly global experience to all our students.

We believe in training the students not only in their chosen academic discipline but beyond that as well. Sports at university campus provide for the perfect setting to hone one's team skills and to maintain physicals fitness, Apart from indoor games, there is a whole gamut of outdoor sport like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton etc.


Being one of the most popular sports in campuses, basketball is played by a large number of students in the evenings. We have a dedicated basketball coach and a well equipped sports department to help the budding players in every way they can.


The campus has a football ground with lush green grass for the most widely played and followed sport in the world. An experienced football coach will train the team with all the required equipments in the evenings.


A religion to most people in India than a sport and for the students of the SRU is no different. The infrastructure related to the game includes a cricket ground with natural turf pitches and synthetic practice pitches.


Badminton, court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. We have a dedicated coach and a well equipped sports department to help the budding players in every way they can.


Kabaddi is a popular contact sport in Southern Asia that first originated in Ancient India. It is played across the country and is the official game in the states of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Telangana and Maharashtra.


At SKVPGM, we have in-house Chess Club. Interested students/faculties can participate in this club.


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