100% Cloud Campus

SKVPGM have generally been quick to adopt new technologies, often even before our educational value has been proven. Throughout its history, SKVPGM has experimented with technological advances as diverse as the blackboard and the personal computer.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, new and rapidly improving technologies are in the process of transforming education. Technology has the potential to revolutionize the traditional teaching and learning process. It can eliminate the barriers to education imposed by space and time and dramatically expand access to lifelong learning.

Campus Server (ERP)

Upgraded from traditional way of operations to the new, modern, and latest innovative technology, so that our operations become SMART!

Live Learning/LMS Platform

An advanced cloud technology for institutions, to provide Live Learnign Classes and LMS Platform for the students/trainees, using latest Edutainment contents.

E-Library Platform

Go-Library aims to be an integral aspect of self-study, providing learners with quality reading material and audio books. Go-Library offers a variety of self-study resources.


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